Tuesday, September 15, 2020

FOW Solo Play US Airborne vs German Grenadier

I've had these two companies painted for a long time and now with my son on the west coast, I am giving it a go by myself. Be advised I am not a strict adherent to the FOW rules. I am not a tournament player and I take into account history & common sense. So if you see a tank or unit out of command distance its because there were radios in WWII.  I'm playing this as a meeting engagement with the ultimate US objective for the airborne company seizing the fuel dump at the train station. The German objective is to stop the Airborne advance before they can gain a foothold in the town. 

The 82nd was the first to move their platoons. 1st plt crossed the hedgerows and road from their staging area into the woods along the river and adjacent to the river crossing. The 1st plt also has a forward observer with them. The 2nd plt crossed over the hedgerows and moved to south side of the bridge before halting. 

The artillery battery deployed in the field. 

The Sherman platoon (+) and Wolverines started their movement through the hay field to the road. 2nd plt securing the bridge will be paramount to the success of getting the armor across the river!

The 3rd and 4th platoons sat tight in their assembly area so as to not congest the area. 

Also moving to the road were the two anti-tank guns.

A look at the quiet French town lying between the two forces.

Now the German Grenadier company responds to intelligence reports of US activity in their sector. 1st plt moves to the East side of the village (the German left flank). 

The Stugs and the Marders move into town.

The German artillery sets up in the field behind the town and the anti-tank guns prepare to move. (I need to get some trucks)

The 2nd plt in the center hold up just short of the village and the 2 Panthers await mobilization. 

The 3rd Grenadier plt deploys to the right German flank and enter a small grove of trees.

That's the end of the movement phase. The shooting phase is next, but I doubt, with all the terrain there is anything within line of sight. BTW, for scale purposes my table is 4x8, this operation is moving up the long section of the table.  More to follow!


  1. Great looking game, splendid pictures!

  2. Great looking game - inspiring - I need to do the same!

  3. Splendid looking terrain! The ruined buildings are great as are the hedgerows, the roads work really well and nice tanks!
    Best Iain

  4. Thanks Iain I appreciate the comments.