Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On posting to the page but not in wargaming. Have completed my wargame table. Pictures soon as I get my laptop back up and running. Have completed a boat load of 15mm Napoleonics which include Blue Moon, Old Glory and have re-based a lot of my old Minfigs to a better basing convention and have touched up thier paint jobs. I still have a lot to do. Terrain boards coming soon, more 15mm Napoleonics,(Blue Moon and Old Glory mainly), re-base more Minifigs, 28mm Saxons, 15mm terrain peices to include a small village. I also bought a ton of 28mm EIRs and have painted one as a test figure. I'll post a picture of that too.I have decided to be more disciplined and try to finish one project before moving on to the next. Will see how that goes in 2013.