Thursday, November 17, 2011

Basement Progress

OK here is where I used to paint from. This is shortly after the flood. As you can see the drywall and floor has been removed. Things are dried out. Most of the trash removed. The bookcases and display case were starting to warp from the water so they went shortly after this pic was taken.

A Small Break in the Action

Well mother nature reared her ugly head in September and flooded my basement where I did all my hobby work. Here are a couple pictures to show how much fun its been. But, instead of sulking I'm going to use this break to redesign my painting/hobby area and add a new wargame table. So as I progress I'll be posting some in progress pics. So not is all lost, I didn't lose much, some was salvaged, some had to be trashed. Mostly books and references I printed out. All figures were above the water level!!