Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glider Anti-Tank

Here is the anti-tank unit that will be in support of my paratroopers.


For my FOW project the opposing forces will be a German Grenadier Company. Here is the first unit; a Company Headquarters armed with a Puppchen!

82nd ABN

Below are my first attempts at FOW miniatures. This is the start to my FOW project. I am building a  82nd ABN Company. Here is a light field artillery battery with 4 X 75mm pack howitzers and their command to include forward observer. I still have to do the antennas for the radios and handset cords and spray with dull cote. Disregard the dark age unit in the back ground!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bit the Bullet

So I got some FOW miniatures in a trade and I swore I'd never do it. Now I feel like a crack addict. Here are a couple reference photos of what I am working on right now. 82nd ABN to take on grenadiers. As soon as I take some pics I'll post them. Looking forward to diving into 15mm WWII. I went ahead and bought version 3 of the rules too.