Monday, April 30, 2018

L'Art De La Guerre (ADLG)

I bought these rules recently and read through them once. I have two standing armies (Vikings and Anglo-Saxons). Each army is 25mm and over 100 figures each. Since they are all single based I need to make some sabot bases for them so I can play ADLG. I am researching what is the best (expense and time) method to do these since I will need about 40 bases of 80x40. These will be two smaller armies, less than 150 points each in ADLG terms. Not sure how much I want to add to them for ADLG. My main purpose for getting ADLG is to build two HYW armies in 15mm. I was not that hot on FOG so I wanted to try ADLG. I am open to trying other rules too and it seems like a never ending saga (no pun intended) to find what I like in ancient and medieval rules.

Here is my Viking army laid out on a draft formation for what I have based on 3 corps for ADLG rules.

And bellow are the Anglo-Saxon's I have to work with.


Just finished these 3 M10 Wolverine tank destroyers. Nothing spectacular and the picture is not great but they are done. Models are Command Decision

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Almost a Year has gone by..

since I posted last. I won't bore you with the usual details about life getting in the way. Fact is I have been a lazy blogger, but busy in life. I did however, get some stuff done. I  started my FIW 18mm figures for Sharp Practice with enough Native Americans to last a lifetime. I completed a couple leaders for both the English and the French, and I will post those pics soon. I have finished  my WWII German Grenadier company and from the pics below you can see some of the Blue Moon FIW figures I've started. I am on the tail end of my US Airborne Company too.

I also got in a few games in with my son while he was home on college break. Its nice to have a fellow wargamer in the house. Unfortunately he is as OCD as I am! He does opposite eras than I do so its really nice to have a variety of games to be able to play at anytime. Here is a game of  Fistful of Lead we recently played.