Friday, May 17, 2013

Work in Progress

Once I base these I'll take some snap shots. I have a lot to base. Most of these are Austrian and Russian 15mm Napoleonic.
This is a Paul Hicks Charity figure I bought a while ago from Steve Dean's website.
 All proceeds went to British Army Benevolent Fund which supports retired British soldiers and family members. Least I could do for my brothers in arms. I'm still tinkering with him. He represents an officer to the Gloucestershire at the battle of Alexandria in 1805.

Table is Done!

It took forever to get to it, but only took a weekend to build. I'm pretty happy with it. Wife asked me to paint it which I did. I painted it black, like the song says! I'll follow up later with the painted pictures when I get some terrain done, for the time being though, here it is in bare wood! Its 4x8 with a flip-up end tray for rolling dice, rule books, drinks etc.. Ample storage underneath. May add a book shelf under neath but that will come later. Looks cramped now but will move it to where I'm taking the pic from for gaming.