Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something totally different

Here are two busts I painted last year or so. From time to time I will post more pics of my 54mm and above historical miniatures. I used to do more of these than I do now and maybe I will get back into it. Right now I am concentrating on my wargaming projects. First up is a WW I German officer, then a French Foreign Legionaire in service in Mexico. I just noticed they are both smoking, so don't start its a bad habit!!

WW II Artizen Design, Bolt Action and Victory Force Germans

Here are some Germans I did for skirmish gaming. The Fallschirmjäger are Bolt Action. Flamer thrower is Victory Force as is the Wermacht, and Panzerschreck.

AB Austrian Infantry and Command, Essex Battery

More Austrains by AB. Two battalions and Army Command, Archduke Charles. Guns by Essex.

15mm Farm Complex

A 15mm terrain piece for my Napoleonics. A farm house and two barns, Bavarian style. Small garden and hedge. Wall and gates are scratch built as well as the hedge was. Looking forward to completing a small village and church I have wating. Looking for suitable cobblestones streets to use with it.

More Dixon Confederates

Here are more CSA from Dixon

Some Dixon Union Infantry

Here are some Union Infantry I painted a little while ago.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Tree Design EIR Dux

I really like BTD however the lack of a reliable supplier here in the US has forced me to look for another manufacturer to finish my EIR and Celtic armies.

More Vikings

Old Glory Vikings

Here are some of my 28mm Old Glory Viking army. I have about 30+ more to go before I am done and then I can start their Saxon adversaries.

AB Austrians

Probably my favorite 15mm figure line. These are the first AB Austrians I have done. In the background you can see some Austrian Minifigs I have to re-base. (See earlier post about re-basing)

Dixon ACW Trooper

This looks a little dark and since I am just starting this blog my pics leave a lot to be desired but I will get better lighting and take some better pics. Again, another Dixon. I love them.

Dixon ACW Cavalry

I know Dixon gets a bad name sometimes for their large craniums, but I like them and think it adds personality to each figure.

Re-based Minifigs

Here are some French Light Infantry that I re-based. I took them off their original basing (Empire IV) and repainted them. I still have to finish off the bases. These were originally painted in 1985 when I was stationed in Germany. The plan is to re-base my entire collection I did back then and fill in the gaps with Old Glory and AB miniatures.

The Work Bench

My Projects

Not in any order of completion (in fact none yet) but in various stages of completion. I will soon post pics of all the projects too
  • 15mm Napoleonics (presently building ((Old Glory and AB) and re-basing (Mini Figs) 15mm Napoleonics I did when stationed in Germany in the mid 1980's))
  • 28mm ACW (Dixons)
  • 28mm Early Imperial Roman and Celts (BTD) but looking for another manufacturer that I can finish with
  • 28mm WW II for skirmish. My most complete project just need to paint the tanks, all the figures (US and German) are complete (Artizan and Victory Force)
  • 28mm Vikings and Saxons (Old Glory)
  • 15mm HYW (Have some un-opened packs of Corvus Belli)
  • Wargaming Table and Terrain to support them all

New Blog

I've finally decided to try my hand at blogging. Having read other folks blogs on a daily basis, I thought it would be nice to not only share what I do but get more digitally organized. Only problem for me will be time! So lets try this out for a short bit and see how it goes. Thanks for reading.