Tuesday, July 29, 2014

And some fishing!

Its been a long time...

but life gets in the way with more important things (work, fishing, two graduations, kids, wife, DIY projects, etc). I have been painting, just not posting. I finished my table as you will see below. Here is the completed table with a game of Shako II about to start. French forces face a combined Austrian/Russian force. I will post a report if my son and I get to it.

I will post some pics later of the 28mm Saxons I have been working on for Dux Bellorum, Tactica and WAB. I have also done some 15mm HYW for Field of Glory and DBA. And have started to dabble in 6mm WW II forces.

Here is the table with the French on the left and the coalition forces on the right.

Here are the Russian forces on the left flank on their way to occupy the village.
The Austrian center
The French right
The French left