Friday, May 6, 2011

More 54's

As I have promised I am posting more of my 54mm and 1/35th historical figures I have painted over the years. I haven't painted anything this size in more than a year but I do have some stuff primed I keep staring at!
First up is a bust of Tancred

A couple of WW II American GI's

A WW II Russian Officer from Verlinden

A German Grenadier directing traffic away from a wrecked motorcycle and a German Paratrooper in Greece

A British soldier from the Crimean War and one from the Battle of Minden (he is 90mm)

And last but not least a zouave and a cavalry officer from the ACW

On the Work Bench

Currently working on some Old Glory Vikings to add to my viking army. After these I have somewhere along the lines of 50 more before I start some Gripping Beast Saxons I picked up at Cold Wars to oppose them.

Here's a Bavarian church church JR Miniatures. I put it on a base and built a stone wall around it. Next prime, paint and flock.
Also some Battle Honors Artilley (12 lb French) a limber and some Essex wagons for the farm I previously built.
I'll keep updating the blog as I get more done on these projects.

I'm Back!!

March was a terribile month highligted by me totalling my truck as my son and I headed to Cold Wars! We are both fine but my truck did not survive. Anyway, thanks to insurance I got a great deal on another truck and we are back up and running.. Oh yeah and my wife made us go to Cold Wars right after the accident. I didn't really want to but did anyway, so needless to say we did do some shopping but no game playing, somehow we were not in the mood. March was busy too, but I did get a little painting done but not much. April flew by and I did some work around the house and worked alot. Long story short I need to get more painting done or I'll never get anywhere.

What did I paint? I finished 5 command stands of 15mm Napoleonics using Old Glory and some ABs. Pictured here are the results. The coronet player by AB has got to be one of the nicest 15mm figures I have ever seen. The pioneers are exceptional too. Why 5 command stands? As noted earlier I am re-organizing and re-basing my 15mm Naps that I painted in the 1980s.  So below are some pics of the command stands and some Minifig Dragoons I re-based and re-painted. Also, can anyone tell me if they notice something wrong with the command bases?