Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something totally different

Here are two busts I painted last year or so. From time to time I will post more pics of my 54mm and above historical miniatures. I used to do more of these than I do now and maybe I will get back into it. Right now I am concentrating on my wargaming projects. First up is a WW I German officer, then a French Foreign Legionaire in service in Mexico. I just noticed they are both smoking, so don't start its a bad habit!!


  1. ljr70,
    These are incredible,
    Would love to see the rest of the busts you have done. Are they displayed on your blog? I'll have a search around.

  2. Thanks Paul, I appreciate the comments. I have more busts and full figures that I have done over the years I just need to take pictures of them, these are the only ones I have posted right now. As you can see from my blog, March was a month to forget!! I will post more pics hopefully this weekend. Love your blog by the way.


  3. They're both stunning but the german just pips it, beautiful work.

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