Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Projects

Not in any order of completion (in fact none yet) but in various stages of completion. I will soon post pics of all the projects too
  • 15mm Napoleonics (presently building ((Old Glory and AB) and re-basing (Mini Figs) 15mm Napoleonics I did when stationed in Germany in the mid 1980's))
  • 28mm ACW (Dixons)
  • 28mm Early Imperial Roman and Celts (BTD) but looking for another manufacturer that I can finish with
  • 28mm WW II for skirmish. My most complete project just need to paint the tanks, all the figures (US and German) are complete (Artizan and Victory Force)
  • 28mm Vikings and Saxons (Old Glory)
  • 15mm HYW (Have some un-opened packs of Corvus Belli)
  • Wargaming Table and Terrain to support them all

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