Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AB Austrian Infantry and Command, Essex Battery

More Austrains by AB. Two battalions and Army Command, Archduke Charles. Guns by Essex.


  1. The AB Austrians look excellent! I would have gone with AB for the Gunners also. Essex Napoleonis aren't my cup of tea, but you've done a great job of painting the little guys.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment and I agree with you on the Essex. I got these Essex on a whim...would not buy them again. Along with these I bought 2 packs of Essex Bavarian Cavalry. Come to find out there were 4 troopers in one pack and 3 command in the other!! I never even looked in the pack when I bought them.I like my bases even so I either have to scrounge for another trooper or trade them in, either way I don't think they will get painted. Thanks again, I look to your blog often for inspiration! Thanks.