Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sharp Practice 2 French and Indian War

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have just started a new project, SP2 using 18mm Blue Moon figures for the F&IW. These figures are fantastic and I picked up a bunch at this years Cold Wars in March. I also bought a small log cabin which I just finished last week.
It's not a bad model at all. The roof lifts off so miniatures can be placed inside.

My first batch I'm working on are the Woodland Indians. Since these are the first Native Americans I have ever painted I am exploring different paint colors. I think I have settled on this below. It's pretty hard to see but I will take more pictures soon of this test piece.

I'm really looking forward to this project and should have more time to complete now that high school sports for my daughter are winding down!

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour, 4th grade style!

For the second year running I played tour guide to my daughter's 4th grade class. Every year she brings her class to Gettysburg as part of their history curriculum. She does a fantastic job with these kids and they are so enthusiastic to learn about the Civil War and this battle in particular. I really enjoy this event and even though its short and really scaled down for these young kids it does my heart good to see how excited they are. This year I assigned 3 volunteer squad leaders and formed the class into a mini-platoon and they ate it up! The squad leaders were fantastic and really got into it. They reported to me at ever stop "1st squad all present and accounted for Sir"! LOL!! They had been prepped before hand by my daughter that I have 20+ years in the Army, so I'm not sure how much that took into account! Either way is was a blast!
Here are the little troopers at Devils Den before we hiked up to Little Round Top!

View from Little Round Top looking back at Devils Den..sorry not a great picture.

Gettysburg is truly a national treasure!

Glass Half Full and Manchester

You should always find some good in everything that happens no matter how bad it is. What happened recently is in no way bad at all, (meaning kicked off TMP) and before I forget, my prayers go out to all the families that were affected by the cowardly actions by the islamic extremist in GB this week. Being a father of 4 music lovers I can only imagine the heartache some parents are going through right now.

 I was recently kicked off The Miniatures Page (TMP), that I have been a member of for more than 12 years. I was never sent to the doghouse once (a place the editor puts you in for a time out). My infraction was mentioning the Lead Adventures Forum (LAF) and how professional that site was run and all content was done with respect and that it actually pertained to war-gaming! Since then I have met many fellow war gamers that have since left that site either of their own accord or by the so called editor. So enough on that. Won't go back and I feel I am better for it. So from here on out the time I used to spend there will go towards much better sites and my promise to post more here. I really need to do a better job here and I am committed to it.

So first up I will be posting some of my work for my new project witch is Sharp Practice 2 using 18mm Blue Moon F&IW figures! So I will be posting that and my ever present FOW project! More to follow.