Friday, May 6, 2011

More 54's

As I have promised I am posting more of my 54mm and 1/35th historical figures I have painted over the years. I haven't painted anything this size in more than a year but I do have some stuff primed I keep staring at!
First up is a bust of Tancred

A couple of WW II American GI's

A WW II Russian Officer from Verlinden

A German Grenadier directing traffic away from a wrecked motorcycle and a German Paratrooper in Greece

A British soldier from the Crimean War and one from the Battle of Minden (he is 90mm)

And last but not least a zouave and a cavalry officer from the ACW


  1. Real quality stuff! I haven't had the patience to do anything like this.
    Great to see!

  2. Thanks Paul. I used to just paint these (54mm) for a while and take a break with painting wargaming figures, now its the other way around!

  3. Apologies but had forgotten how talented you were, also forgot to put you on blogroll.

  4. Well thanks for the compliment. There are a lot more talented guys out there, like you!! I ennjoy your blog, thanks for stopping by mine!


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  6. man wonderful painting great skills.