Tuesday, February 28, 2017

EIR and Celt project for sale!

I have come to the realization that this project will never get done and I would rather focus my efforts more on skirmish gaming due to time available to paint and play. I would prefer to make this one sale or I can split between the Celts and EIR but I don’t want to split past that. What would be ideal is to deliver this to the buyer at Cold Wars if possible. There is a mix of painted, primed and bare metal and plastic. Pictures are available upon request for serious inquiries only. The count is as follows.

Wargames Factory Celts (10 still on sprues with extra accessories on sprues as well)
Crusader Celts (16 primed in black with flesh and mail started)
Crusader Chariots (2 built but bare with two crew each)
Old Glory Celts (55 primed black)
Gripping Beast Metal Celts (10 primed black)
Warlord Games plastic Celts (30 built and primed black)
Black Tree Design Celts (23 painted and based on 20x20 single stands)
Black Tree Design Chariot (1 painted and based with 2 crew)
5 other painted and based Celts made up of OG, Warlord Games and GB
Total of 160 Celts asking $200
Roman mounted commanders (2 primed black)
Gripping Beast Legionnaires with command (36 primed black with flesh and metal started)
Gripping Beast Roman unit (16 painted and based for Hail Caesar)
Black Tree Design (14 painted and based singly on 20x20)
Black Tree Design (2 scorpions with 2 crew painted and based separately)
Black Tree Design (2 painted commanders, 1 mounted with standard based together and one based on 20x20)
Gripping Beast (61 unpainted legionnaires)
Gripping Beast (24 unpainted centurions, standards, and aquilifers)
Gripping Beast Auxiliary (74 unpainted)
Gripping Beast Auxiliary archers (49 unpainted)
Gripping Beast or Foundry Praetorians (7 unpainted)
Gripping Beast Ballistae crew (14 Unpainted with 6 ballistae)
Total of 302 EIR asking $350
Buy both for $500. All have shields, spears, and pilums. I have some shield decals for both I will throw in for free. Buyer pays shipping.  Thanks for looking.